My Top 3 Most Embarrassing Moments 2016

As a human. I fall pretty high on the meter of embarrassment. If there’s ever anyone that’s going to trip over, say something awkward, or walk into something it’s me.

My first memory is being rushed to the doctors bleeding profusely after running headfirst into a lamppost. Another time I spent a solid 2 minutes apologising to myself and trying to walk past my own reflection in a mirror in the middle of the Topshop on Oxford Street.

My entire life is made up of so many embarrassing moments that I can’t list them all. So instead I’ve picked 3 from the past year to share with the class.

The first is the time that I went to one of the loan companies near me. Part of the loan application was to provide ID. Now, I never said that my passport photo was great. But I didn’t realise it was so bad, that the employee I was speaking to would feel the need to call over all of his coworkers to crowd around my passport and laugh. And then laugh even harder when they saw the expiry date and realised I would have to live with the picture for another 8 years.

The second, was when I was at work. Teaching. I had to have my class of 3-year-olds give a presentation to all of their parents, grandparents, and any other adult that decided they wanted to watch the show.  Part of the presentation was a song. Only I experienced some technical difficulties. And I didn’t know what to do. So I just started singing. I can’t sing. Everyone filmed it on their phones. I’m probably the star of a viral video somewhere.

The time I was stopped at the airport trying to re-enter the UK because the airport staff didn’t believe I was old enough to have taken a flight alone. It’s really fun as a grown adult woman to be publicly singled out in a crowd of people so that men can demand proof of your age.