Who has the cheapest auto insurance – My story

I just had the worst day. Well, it started off that way.

My car’s in the shop. Don’t even ask! Someone rear ended me and if I’d been smart enough to figure out who has the cheapest auto insurance, I would have been able to afford a rental car.

My brother is great so we made a deal that if I took him to and from the airport and fed his cat, I could use his truck while he’s gone. It has a manual transmission, which I know how to drive but it’s not my preference.

Anyway, the boyfriend and I went out to dinner. He didn’t believe that I knew how to handle a stick shift and insisted that I drive. So, I did. I really think he was impressed. Then, as always, we started fighting. I don’t even remember what we were fighting about. But it continued when we headed home.

So, here I am, driving my brother’s truck that I’m not particularly used to driving while my boyfriend and I are yelling at one another. All of the sudden, out of nowhere, a car pulls out in front of me. I slam on the brakes and miss hitting the car in front of me. The person behind me wasn’t as lucky – I got rear ended! AGAIN!

I immediately start freaking out because it’s my brother’s truck! He’s not particularly fond of my boyfriend and it’s not a stretch for him to figure out that we were screaming at each other before it happened. But this wasn’t my fault and I was a little worried that he wasn’t going to believe me.

While we waited for the police to come, my boyfriend was surprisingly supportive. I mean, he should’ve been because it was his fault we were fighting in the first place, but I felt calm enough to call my brother. My brother’s a pretty smart guy, I should have realized he would have taken the time to shop around and figure out who has the cheapest auto insurance.

Turns out he has great auto insurance and he wasn’t even that angry about it, just happy that I was okay. We got a ride home from the cop and I took a long bath because I needed to relax after the day I just had.

After the bath, I went downstairs and was greeted with a dozen roses and a truly apologetic boyfriend. I’m so lucky!