My name’s Jenny I’m a philosophy student in New York. Like philioshpy, random instangram pictures, and life in New York? This blog is for you. I don’t take my self too seriously, so if you wanna chat send me an email at

Things I like:

  • Starbucks
  • Immanuel Kant
  • The winter

Things I hate:

  • Summer
  • Asristotle

Hmm, not really sure what to say for my first blog post, so if you got some ideas or questions email me.

P.S as I type this I’m watching the Primary elections (2016) and in shock that trump is winning. Why do people vote for trump? Would love to know..


My credit is horrible, unfortunately, but I need a car… People think New York has a great subway system, and it does; but that’s only the city. The state has almost no transit system outside New York city; which is where my family lives.

One of my buddies in Canada had the same problem and used this website: I didn’t think I could use them since I’m American, but I had zero issues.

They compare loan companies in your area and they’ll forward you the the best ( Lowest interest rate company).

Anyway within 1 hour I got myself a low interest rate car loan, bad credit didn’t stop me (yeahhh!)

So if you’re looking for bad credit auto loans, I would highly recommend

This whole situation has taught me something: I really need to fix my credit score!

nj car insurance companies

Honestly NJ has some of the most expensive and worst car insurance I had ever seen, and I’ve lived in New York so that means something.

I was paying $440 to insurance 2 crappy cars ( about 10 years old), and the coverage wasn’t spectacular. I had a little damage to my car, and my insurance wanted to raise my rates by $50.

This pissed me off beyond belief. I googled around looking for cheap car insurance in NJ and found a few companies. I got tired of applying 1 by 1 just to see how much the car insurance would cost.

After a while of this I ran into an awesome site:

Put in your zip code and get quotes.

Simple, how I like it. I got like 10 quotes instantly and I ended up going with a awesome insurance company.

My monthly bill is now $350. So I ended up saving about $90 monthly for a little work. Not bad at all!

I recommend you look around for cheap car insurance. You’re probably overpaying.

new company

Hey guy’s, my friend just started an SEO company (More like consultant) in Mississauga, Ontario Canada! And I wanted to give him a shoutout, and some sweet PR!

So if you need someone that lives in Mississauga, and specializes in SEO for Mississauga there’s no one I can recommend better. Click here to visit his site.

By the way you don’t need to live in Mississauga, or even Canada to hire him. The guy’s currently in Japan lol, so location doesn’t mean anything. But on the other hand if you want someone local that you can meet in person, he’s not the guy for you.

Anyway enough of this PR, let’s talk about life.

What have you guys & girls been up to? Read anything decent, do something fun? Share it with me.

I’ve been so busy with work lately I haven’t had much time to do anything, although I did manage to finish reading mediations!

Great book, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in STOIC philosophy.


Okay, this is random but whatever. My day job I work part time at a marketing agency, love the people that I work with. Seriously how often do you work with people you like? This almost never happens. The problem is that the job itself is sooo boring. I do most of the grunt work, since I’m the lowest paid person in the office..

Today I spent 6 hours SEO optimizing youtube videos. Don’t know what SEO is? It stands for search engine optimization, which basically means getting your search results to show up higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and BING.

Here’s a great guide explaining YouTube SEO. P.S that site is my friends, shoutout to him for the great guide.

So if you took a quick look at the guide you’d see how much work is required and how tedious/ boring it is. I optimized 30 YouTube Videos today..

If a professional did it, they would probably charge $100 per video. So If I was a professional I would have made $3,000 today. Unfortunately I make $12 an hour, so I made literally nothing.